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CubCrafters, Inc.
1918 South 16th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98903
Phone: 509-248-9491 - Fax: 509-249-1421

CUBCRAFTERS was founded in 1980 by current president, aircraft designer and pilot Jim Richmond.
An A&P, Jim visited Alaska - bush pilot heaven - that year, gathering as much information as he could about Super Cub modifications and applications. When he returned to Washington State, he decided to get into Super Cub rebuilding full time. He sold his home insulation business and rebuilt five L-21's (Italian versions of the Super Cub.) During this time Jim also started the "Super Cub Newsletter",
constantly gathering information on modifications and STC's, and refining the rebuilding process.

The "old" Piper Aircraft stopped production of the venerable PA-18 Super Cub during the late 80s/early 90s, and over the years CubCrafters has refined and improved its rebuilding and modification process
to the point where it was literally building new airplanes, though much improved and updated from Piper�s aircraft. In 1998, CubCrafters formally started building new airplanes under the "Spare and Surplus Rule" outlined then in the FAR�s.

But legislative concerns in 2003 made CubCrafters pursue their own type certificate, and after complying with the rigorous specifications of the most updated FAR 23 rules, the TOP CUB was officially born in late 2004. Since then, CubCrafters has grown from a small Super Cub rebuilding shop to a state-of-the art aircraft manufacturer occupying a 40,000 square-foot facility on the northeastern side
of Yakima's McAllister Field Airport.


Our state-of-the-art aircraft manufacturing facility consists of over 40,000 square feet
of production and shop space for our 55 highly skilled manufacturing technicians; CNC tooling
and machinery for the entirety of our aircraft parts fabrication; dual AFC Quadraft and downdraft
paint booths; and Solidworks CAD aircraft design stations for our engineers� just to name
a few of the manufacturing assets in place and in use for new TOP CUB and SPORT CUB production
and Super Cub rebuilds and repairs.

Our facility is built on the foundation of the principles of "lean manufacturing", created and used most successfully by Toyota and several other Japanese automobile manufacturers. Essentially there is no excess inventory that might become outdated as parts are constantly being evaluated, updated and improved,
and we can implement those improvements immediately into the aircraft on the production line. The main building also houses our administration, engineering, technical support and sales & marketing departments.
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